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AN02 - Et Andet Sted Tribute

  • AN02 - Et Andet Sted Tribute
  • AN02 - Et Andet Sted Tribute
  • AN02 - Et Andet Sted Tribute
  • AN02 - Et Andet Sted Tribute

We are proud to announce Another Name's second release: AN02 - Et Andet Sted Tribute Album. A collection of 22 tracks from artists who have played or been connected to the former DIY rave club in the old vegetable market of Copenhagen called 'Et Andet Sted'. The release explores the diverse outer reaches of the Copenhagen underground electronic music scene, including four-to-the-floor house, fast techno and trance euphoria.

The album comes as a double CD including poster artwork, which may tickle some warm memories of countless hours spent on the dancefloor of the club. The album is also available in a digital version at: https://anothernamevsa.bandcamp.com/album/an02-et-andet-sted-tribute

CD 1: Sinners Support Team, Johannes Astrup, SUGAR, Tino, Terkel Høngaard, CTRLS, Frederik Tollund, Savile, Anders Dahl, Andi Müller and AN Yunbi.

CD 2: DJ Loser, Xuri, HLLW, Peachlyfe, Kasper Marott, Sisi (Ida Engelhardt & DJ IBON), Matriark & HLLW, DJ G2G, Neri J and Mr. Free

All tracks mixed by Troels B-Knudsen
Photography - Morten Bentzon
Oil painting - Oskar Sølvsten
Graphic design - Noé Santos Bebs

About the club: Et Andet Sted was a unique free space for creative souls, DJ’s and ravers. The place gave the birth to many new inspirations, music carriers and friendships. It was demolished due to gentrification. It is and will forever be missed.

About the label: Another Name is the in-house label of Copenhagen based nightclub: Ved Siden Af, The music represent the sound of the club, the artists that frequent our space and the culture it supports.

All the best
Mette, Seb and Indre